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We have put plans in place to explore all available tourmaline markets

RGM Materials Solution Limited

RGM MATERIALS SOLUTION LIMITED is a company of multi-talented and dedicated professionals grounded in the business of mining and exploration, contributing to the society by securing superior mineral resources, refining and processing them into finished stones while adding value in material business through competitive drive in our quality and supply strategy. We operate a large scale solid minerals project with substantial high grade mineral reserves and integrated technological operations in Nigeria. Read more

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to build a standard and dynamic world class, environmentally friendly material resources company using technology as the pillar of our business to become the top mining company in Nigeria and favourably compete with leaders in the industry on the global stage

Our Vision Statement

Our vision as a mining company is to become a leading player in the art of mining globally.


• Establish and maintain honest working relationships and long-term explicit contractual agreements with specialty tourmaline gemstone manufacturers.

• Developing a mining production vehicle that can deliver the highest-grade tourmaline efficiently and consistently.

• Continually drill, test & monitor the mined tourmaline to ensure that the standard deviation between the original guaranteed product quality and future deliveries is kept negligible.


• To have the capacity to prepare up to 5,000 tons of specialty use tourmaline per year within 12 months

• Achieve revenue per ton goals of at least $3000/ton for the black tourmaline and $10,000/ton for green tourmaline gemstones.