Precious and Rare Earth Metals Trading

We engage in trading of precious metals (gold, silver, platinum, palladium, rhodium, ruthenium, iridium) and rare earth metals (Cerium, Europium, Scandium yttrium, and neodymium) with our mining and trading partners around the world.

Our involvement are in bullions, bars, nuggets or granules, physical and/or through investment account.

Transactions are typically for physical sales and investment purpose.

Our service include:.

Buying and selling of precious and rare earth metals
Trusteeship for seller and buyer of precious and rare earth metals
Portfolio management with professional advice on price hedging, investment and risk management
Commodity exchanges investment services in collaboration with our partners
Complete global supply chain circle with comprehensive range of logistics planning and management for procurement and delivery through tier one logistics companies with expertise and cutting edge technology in precious and rare earth metals handling
Optimal compliance in documentation for trading with professional service for third parties
Complete management of sections of the supply chain circle for reliable outcomes
Artisanal miners management programmes in Africa
Complete precious metals cycle along the value creation chain
Collaboration with tier one assayers for assurance of quality and quantity