Fiduciary and Private Trust Services

We conduct representation of person(s) legally and we act ethically in good faith in the best interest of our principals with greater transparency and oversight.

We strictly follow the Prudent-Person-Rule (PPR) in the discharge of our fiduciary and trusteeship responsibility and avoidance of conflict of interest. Our principals interest is prime and ahead of our own. .
We can also assist clients in fulfilling capital market expectations of reliable.

Our fiduciary and private trustee services include:.


We manage family succession plans in business in trusteeship through our private trust service


We represent our clients in transactions involving them and other parties – trade, commercial transactions, investment funds, partnership, special purpose vehicle companies, structured finance vehicles, among other


We independently stand between parties in transaction and act to see the transaction through in trusteeship of the two parties


We involve our financial network in the financing transaction process subject to acceptable global standards and compliance with ethical and legal practices


We engage experts to manage the assets of our clients while (heritage), while fulfilling their interests


We represent the interest of our client in any capacity – trustee and estate (family, private), philanthropic, board representation, shareholding, charity organisations, NGOs, investors, promoters, legatees, among others